Selection process


Demeter is an independent foundation, funded solely by its founders. 

It provides support to social organizations or leaders that develop concrete and innovative economic solutions in their area of intervention:

“utopic enough to want to change the world, and pragmatic enough to act in accordance with solution-orientated strategies, both flexible and versatile”.

To accelerate the positive impact of the projects and their funding, Demeter supports intermediate organizations that are:

  • on the field and close to the area of intervention;
  • and that, at the same time, have access to complementary (and ideally local) sources of funding. 



The majority of Demeter´s projects come through its strategic partners’ network. 

Each year, Demeter receives hundreds of requests, but its support, most often over several years, is focused on a limited number of projects, that correspond to its selection criteria (-> see link to selection criteria).

The process takes around 3 months to allow Demeter to assess the project and build confidence in the teams and how they operate.