Submit a proposal

If you have a project matching DEMETER Foundation´s support criteria, please send it to us by uploading it to this site. We would like to inform you that the Foundation prioritizes the quality of the elements of the projects it supports, and it usually performs a hands-on follow-up of the initiatives it sponsors. We regret not being able to respond positively to every application. 


You can upload all the documents supporting your application to this site. The documents must be uploaded in pdf, jpg or jpeg format. Note: once uploaded, the elements included in your proposal are an integral part of your application and shall not be modified. Please verify that all the documents needed have been successfully uploaded at the same time (maximum of 5 documents). 

Please do not forget to include every piece of information that would allow us to evaluate the project submitted for consideration: established goals, scheduled actions, budget, team presentation, etc. An email acknowledging receipt will be sent to you. 


Your proposal will be evaluated by the members of DEMETER Foundation´s Executive Committee. An answer will be sent by email.

DEMETER Foundation shall keep the information sent in the proposals (whether it is selected or not) confidential. The proposals will not be returned. If your proposal is not selected, it will be eliminated from our files. If your proposal is selected, a descriptive file will be published on our website (see the programs we support). 

I hereby declare to understand and accept the conditions for the presentation of proposal

I hereby declare not to accept the conditions for the presentation of proposals